Anonymous: Europeans are scapegoated as a drain on the economy (which happens to all immigrants of colour too.) I told an italian she was racist for wearing an 'African-American hair' wig and she said 'I experience racism too! Someone jokingly called me 'umbrella' instead of 'Gabriella!' So please don't tell me white people experience racism in the uk (there is a white majority in the uk???)

people considered ‘not white enough’/’western enough’ experience racism in UK (mediterranean people, mostly.) irish are historically oppressed by brits and experience racism. the fact that an italian can experience racism, does not mean he/she cannot be racist against groups that experience (albeit harsher) forms of racism.

african americans are opressed by white people, white eastern & mediterranean people are opressed by white westerners, racial relationships in europe tend to be complex, which was a point of mine all along.

Anonymous: groups who experience racial slurs in UK: black people - nig***, South-Asians - paki, Roma - gyp**, nepalese n**, Japanese - j**, Chinese - ch***(y). None of them are white. (Romani people are not white.)

please go ahead and tell ‘white people cannot be subject to racism in the UK’ to the face of an Irish man. please. please do it.

Anonymous: Okay if white Europeans experience racism in the UK we need to invent a new word, because people of colour experience it 20 times worse. Stop belittling our experiences to someone being asked if they are 'really white' while people of colour are killed n racist attacks, while black men are racially profiled, whil people make comments at us in the street and call us slurs and make racist jokes about us and fetishise us and exotify us

i am still against the use of word POC, but sure. they experience both historical and colour based racism, plus xenophobia. that’s terrible. i never denied that. i never belittled any experiences! this whole discussion that was against the use of word POC was to stop belittling experiences by fitting them into a neat box. just because this and that races both experience racism does not mean they experience it in the same form or intensity.

Anonymous: White people are one race and they cannot be racist to each other subsequently? So no, a blonde-haired blue eyes Slavic person does not experience racism from whites? This page stinks of privelleged white people saying who won't admit their privellege.

white people are not made of a single race, scientific race divisions have subcategories…and none of these people said ‘i am not white’. they are NOT white westerners, though. in europe, white westerners are privileged against mediterranean, slavic and irish people…

if you are considered ‘not western enough’ due to your race, that is racism. the privilege/opression thing is not a neat straight line. i am turkish, i am privileged against kurds and other minorities in my country and opressed by western whites due to my race, for example. see, not so hard.

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